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The date is set

and it’s june 1st. I’ve handed in my notice on my apartment so even if I am going to have to live in a sleeping bag eating baked beans out of the tin, that’s the date I move onto the boat. I’m...

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Next Steps

Now the boat is in Fisherman’s Wharf, I’ve had to think exactly what steps I needed to take to get her ready to live on. The first thing I decided was to remove as much stuff as I could from the inside, including...

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Windchime reaches her new home

This was going to be a two part process – Monday evening I was going to get the boat in the water, and then Tuesday move it. Arriving Monday, I was greeted like this.   WHAT IS IT WITH SNOWFALL AND HAULOUTS AND ME?!...

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Getting ready to go

I got back from my week long work trip, and paid a visit to my boat. I checked on the status of the dehumidifier and found it hadn’t collected as much as I’d hoped – on investigation I found why   Yeah,...

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Looking at Marinas

Yesterday, I went looking at marinas in Victoria. It seems that a lot of them have waiting lists, though I found a spot at Oak Bay marina (non-liveaboard though). My current plan is to haul the boat out of the water in the...

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