So I haven’t updated for a while, and the reason for that is that I got onto the ‘Cleaning’ part of the project.

I’m really bad at cleaning, so ‘cleaning’ meant ‘do 5 minutes of scrubbing and then take a well earned 45min break and dick around on phone’ so it’s taken me almost 10 days to get anywhere.

However, the V Berth is almost completely clean, and I’ve started on the bathroom area.

There are a lot of gross hoses, both in the cabinet areahose1

and under the sink


so first order of business was to pull all of them out. I noted down the lengths and diameters of them and then yanked them



The hoses I removed were

– Starboard Water tank fill

– Vent for same

– Shower sump bilge pump

– Vent hose for old holding tank

While I was there I also decided to remove the piping that leads to the shower and the sink as well.

On the reverse of the shower controls I found

shower reverse

Not nice. That weird leaking stuff is caused by this – rusted out washers. No idea why someone thought putting iron washers was a good idea on a shower


Interestingly, the shower sump routes THROUGH the battery compartment, complete with a connector in the middle of the hose, awesome.



So I will have to find a better way to do that.

I decided to finally ditch all the old piping I pulled out last month as well – I’ve just gonna plumb everything from scratch I’ve decided.

Here is everything I’ve pulled out so far.


And to finish, here are some cool tubeworms (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canalipalpata) that grow on my dock





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