New Dodger

Bit late on this, but while I was in Mazatlan this October I got a dodger (sprayhood for UK sailors, the ‘windshield bit at the front’ for everyone else) built! I haven’t had a dodger since the ratty one that came with the boat, that didn’t let the main be sheeted down fully because it was too tall. It was also rotten, adding a certain ‘garbage boat’ flair that I wasn’t super keen on so I’d gotten rid of it before the first swiftsure I did and never replaced it.

Then after heading down the west WA/OR coast in October I realised that I really really needed one…

The new one has a hard fibreglass top with removable canvas sides. It’s perhaps just a TITCH too tall, looks-wise, but I can see through it great.

No standing-room under it, but that’s fine.

It fits the lines of the boat pretty well (though again, I wish it was an inch or two shorter!)

The front panel folds up, for ventilation (Which is really nice) and it came with canvas covers for all the window panes. I’ve already accidentally left them on at least once while leaving an anchorage!

It has two handrails at the top, making going down the side of the cockpit a lot safer, and I’ve put two 100 watt panels on top as well – making a total of 560 watts.

It’s already proved it’s usefulness on the really crappy, hard on the wind passage over from Mazatlan and it’s nice to shelter the companionway from rain! All in all, I’m really happy about it (and wish I’d got one years ago)


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