La Paz, Lobos Rock and Tropical Storm Raymond

Sorry about the long gap – there is basically zero connectivity in the sea of cortez. I’ve queued up a few updates over the next few days however!

After finally getting into La Paz after a week and a half of misadventure, we were ready for a rest. The plan was to get all of our stuff done in La Paz in a couple of days, and then nip out ASAP and start heading north/chilling out. Unfortunately, nature had other plans and we had tropical storm Raymond hitting the area shortly after we arrived, so we ended up staying 5 days, most of which we spent running around various shops and resupplying.

We saw a bonafide movie moment in town when a sailboat anchored in the approach channel, and a small dinghy left and whizzed towards the shore. We thought he might be having engines issues so wandered over, only to see the guy in the dinghy pull into the shallows (with his two dogs), hop out without tying off the dinghy and wade through azure water towards the beach. He was also RIPPED and had long flowing hair much like a movie star – which was convenient because waiting at the shore was a really pretty women in a lovely summer dress, who as he approached couldn’t contain herself and strode into the water to meet him and have a passionate embrace in crystal blue waist-deep water (while her dog ran around). It was all a bit too much and I was looking around for the cameras, but apparently this was for real. The Mexican passerbys didn’t seem to care so maybe it happens a lot? We were both pettily hoping for his dinghy to drift away but it didn’t. Sigh.

The storm itself was a bit of a bust – it blew itself out before it hit the coast, meaning we only saw 15-20 knot winds – however it brought two solid days of rain. There was a brief bit of excitement when a boat next to us started dragging its anchor and ran into another boat – it turned out to belong to Movie Star Guy who apparently had let out a bunch of rode, and then left for four days with his girlfriend somewhere, right before a tropical storm. The boat had apparently wrapped the rode around the keel and tripped its own anchor. The boat that was hit put out a radio call, and a fleet of small dinghies appeared and bordered the boat, getting the engine started and the anchor up, before taking it somewhere safe.

Finally leaving La Paz the next day, we heading back to Lobos Rock as it’s a good stepping stone to head North, and is also very pretty in it’s own right!

Liz went snorkelling with some sealions but I didn’t fancy it – those things have teeth. Big ol’ teeth.

Instead I stayed in the dinghy and scowled at them

After that, it was off further north into the sea of cortez – first stop, the islands just north of La Paz!





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