Boat work and heat

A couple of days after the Tropical Storm passed over I started feeling kinda off – and sure enough I got a really nasty heavy cold, that pretty much put me out of action for a whole week. I must have got it in Victoria or on the plane, either way it was really nasty and a pretty miserable week! Being sick in hot weather is pretty awful as you can’t even do the ‘early bed with thick blanket and hot water bottle’ trick that makes you feel a lot better, instead it’s lots of sweating under a fan and wishing for death

ANYWAY, enough moaning – after I recovered I started on my long list of stuff to do


  • sort out of electrical glitches (see last post)
  • get all the sails back on, porta-bote back, lines pulled bak through etc
  • pull engine, replace motor mounts and fix stringers
  • get dodger built
  • rebed windows
  • order and mount new solar panels on dodger
  • mount and hook up tow generator
  • try and fix radar NMEA2000 issue
  • try and fix stay EM current from SSB when broadcasting
  • misc stuff, like rearranging cockpit stuff and adding a couple more winch holders and new cushions
  • install new watermaker and sell old one


Several of these are pretty major projects and will have their own posts, but currently, I’ve done about half, not really where I want to be but it’s really bloody hot and humid. I leave in about a week and a half, which I am very excited about, and will have Liz joining me, after which we will sail back to the Sea of Cortez and get back into holiday mode. I can’t wait! Hopefully, the blog updates will start to get more interesting soon once I’m back on the water.

Here is a picture of the engine being lifted




  1. look forward to updates. BTW, google is giving me warning of “suspicious link – this is untrusted site”….

  2. Even just half of that list seems like a formidable accomplishment. And, to finish the last half of the list in a week and a half before you leave?! Looking forward to the specific posts. Bon Voyage.

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