Less than a month left!

So I’ve booked my flight back to Mazatlan and it’s on the 27th September, the day after my last day of work. Funny to think a year ago I was in the yard, doing final preparations to move south… definitely glad I am where I am and not starting down storms in Neah Bay again!

Apart from that, not too much to report – just been working away.

I did manage to get out salmon fishing when my friend David (who I met through this blog!) very kindly invited me out with him and his friend. We had a marvellously sunny day fishing, and it was interesting fishing from a boat designed for it – no backstays or boom to get in the way here! It was great fun and we ended up with 6 pinks (no springs) between us, which kept me in food for most of a week! So tasty.

The other thing of mild interest that happened was I bought a Pur40 watermaker for quite cheap. It was listed as ‘unused in box’ which was true – except it was a number of years old and there must have been a drip on the box, as the pump is quite rusty. I’ll give it a spin up and see if it works without needing further work. Apparently the membranes only last for a year but as this has never been used (and it still has pickling liquid sloshing around inside) I’m hoping the membrane is still good. It produces around 1.5 gallons an hour for a 4 amp draw, so it’s designed to be used often as opposed to the other one I have that I haven’t installed, which is high amp draw, high output.

Oh, and I have a hernia operation tomorrow. Waaaah. Always nice to be reminded of how your body slowly falls apart.

It’s only a small one (and the only reason they suggested surgery was the whole ‘alone in the ocean pulling on stuff’ gig that I’m going to be doing) but I’m still not looking forward to it.



  1. We’ll have to try to get you into some coho next. Or, weather and schedule permitting, tuna!

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