As mentioned in an older update, I’d switched the original 10ft porta-bote for an 8ft model  which I later regretted. The smaller size was great, but capacity and stability was not. I was hoping that was due to it being an older design, so when I saw a fairly cheap 8ft newer model, I jumped on it.

So, porta-bote mk III. I have a porta-bote problem, apparently

It’s folded up on the left, next to the peapod (which I’m selling)

So, how is the new boat? Luckily, it’s great – way easier to assemble and handle than the 10ft, and way more space and less tippy than the peapod. I can stand up in it (which would have been instant death with the peapod) and it even planes with my 4HP motor.  The fact it’s only a couple of years old is just a bonus. Hooray! 3rd time lucky!

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