Yet another porta-bote

As mentioned in an older update, I’d switched the original 10ft porta-bote for an 8ft model  which I later regretted. The smaller size was great, but capacity and stability was not. I was hoping that was due to it being an older design, so when I saw a fairly cheap 8ft newer model, I jumped on it.

So, porta-bote mk III. I have a porta-bote problem, apparently

It’s folded up on the left, next to the peapod (which I’m selling)

So, how is the new boat? Luckily, it’s great – way easier to assemble and handle than the 10ft, and way more space and less tippy than the peapod. I can stand up in it (which would have been instant death with the peapod) and it even planes with my 4HP motor.  The fact it’s only a couple of years old is just a bonus. Hooray! 3rd time lucky!



  1. Hi Matt,

    Port-a-bots are great. We had 10 footer for a while but it just didn’t work for us. We loved that it folded and we could lash it to the rail. But, it felt very unsteady with any type of chop. In calm water you can’t beat them.

    We went back to a 10 aluminum RIB. We feel much safer on this when there is chop in the harbors and bays. We added davits to accommodate it. But, we stow it on the aft cabin top when blue water sailing.

    Glad you got a great deal. Those boats last forever! Enjoy

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

    • Hi guys

      Yeah I can’t seem to find a better option – The 10ft rib sounds awesome but I really struggle for space on deck.

  2. Hi Matt
    Saw your Youtube video posted on Reddit, and really enjoyed it. I was interested to see some of the smaller details and hear why you chose to go in particular directions. Great job, I’m feeling inspired! Just need to talk my wife into getting a boat… We live in Victoria also, maybe we’ll see you cycling around. Good luck out there!

    • Thanks Dave! Take her out sailing on a nice day in a small boat – she’ll be smitten in no time!

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