Winter is 100% here

I know this because over the last week it got really cold, warmed up and then everything got covered in snow and then it got cold again. And when I say cold, I mean -2 or -3c. And before everyone in the middle of the country chimes in, yes I know it gets colder in other places (I saw -20c regularly in Ottawa) but it seems colder here! I think because it’s so damp. My pictures look like crap because I broke my phone camera, so everything looks like it’s covered in filth and super dingy (it’s not THAT covered in filth in real life. Just a thin layer).

Anyway, one night I woke up to this

Ugh. It then sleeted for a bit (the 2nd worst precipitation after freezing rain which is the WORST) and then froze solid, turning my decks and the marina into an ice rink, which lent an air of adventurous danger to leaving for work in the morning.

It got so cold that my usual one space heater + hot water bottles in bed combo didn’t work and I had to switch on my diesel heater that I installed a couple years ago

It takes a couple of hours to really start heating the boat as it first has to warm up the ‘bones’ of the boat but it does well after that, and throws out a cheery little flame too. Really glad I have that! It’s not worth using on weekdays usually though, as it takes so long to get going. I use it if I have guests or over a weekend.

To add to my woes, I was working 12am – 8am at work, from home, so instead of being tucked up in bed with two hot water bottles each night I was shivering in the cabin. This also sapped my energy so I haven’t really been doing much, though I did use my SSB and check into several radio nets, including getting a 5/5 from a guy in Nevada, so I’m pretty sure it’s all working correctly.

That’s it really. Been a scintillating winter so far, let me tell you!

Oh, I’m getting a new water pump. HOLD ONTO UR BUTTS PEOPLE




  1. F-ing berrrrrr!
    But that diesel heater looks yummie. I’m still considering one. For now I pile fire bricks on my kero stove…… when I’m @the boat.
    Could you remind me/us what’s your work gig? Them some nasty hours!

    • Isn’t cold for you below 15c? 😉 hehehe! I like my heater a lot, as much for atmospherics of the flame as the heat it puts out. I work in IT but was helping a UK company with a project so was on UK time… finished now though!

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