This blog post was made through my SSB radio

If this worked correctly, this should be it’s own post, with the correct title.

Of course, if it DIDN’T work correctly no-one will ever know, as I will delete it instantly. So you if see this, it’s a fair bet it worked correctly.

This will allow me to post basically a ‘captains log’ every day of any long passages I do. No photos, but I am an even worse photographer than I am writer anyway so no real harm done there. I can always upload the photos once I make land and get in range of internet.

Now that I’ve managed to get data working with the radio, I can have communications (with a bit of effort) where ever I am on the planet. For free! At the blazing speed of 600bits per minute!

This was posted using the HAM radio system Winlink – there is a paid marine version called Sailmail which I will probably subscribe to as well, as they both use different receiving stations, so more chance of being in range of one.




  1. cool! congrats, thats hard work. I gave up before I installed mine. I sold it and am crossing my fingers for a sweet satellite setup to hit the market in the next 6 months. Envious though. That would be a great piece of gear to have, particularly in the spaced out S. Pacific.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was pretty lost at first, but taking the amateur radio course really helped. Also ham operators LOVE talking about everything to do with the hobby, so that really makes for a good resource.

  2. So when we used to write software in “the old days”, you would often work over a line using the most amazing technology at the time, 300 bits per minute. Imagine it!! The day 600 and 1200 bits were announced for phone lines in the UK the World rejoiced! Good work Matt.

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