If this worked correctly, this should be it’s own post, with the correct title.

Of course, if it DIDN’T work correctly no-one will ever know, as I will delete it instantly. So you if see this, it’s a fair bet it worked correctly.

This will allow me to post basically a ‘captains log’ every day of any long passages I do. No photos, but I am an even worse photographer than I am writer anyway so no real harm done there. I can always upload the photos once I make land and get in range of internet.

Now that I’ve managed to get data working with the radio, I can have communications (with a bit of effort) where ever I am on the planet. For free! At the blazing speed of 600bits per minute!

This was posted using the HAM radio system Winlink – there is a paid marine version called Sailmail which I will probably subscribe to as well, as they both use different receiving stations, so more chance of being in range of one.


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