3 years yesterday

I got a reminder from WordPress yesterday, congratulating me on 3 years on the blog. Wow. Pretty hard to believe, it certainly doesn’t seem like it. In two weeks I’d have had the boat 3 years!

Looking back through some of the early blog entries is like watching a puppy run into a glass door – kinda funny but also sad. It’s a good job I didn’t know how much I didn’t know, otherwise I would have just quit. I think not wanting to fish or sail right away def helped, as I could concentrate on just making a comfy home. From just looking for somewhere that I could afford to own (as buying any kind of house without going into debt for 70 years is a pipe dream), I’ve evolved to planning to try to circumnavigate the globe. That’s um, quite an upgrade.

I’d be interested to see how long this blog goes on for, maybe another 3 years, maybe not. Maybe I’ll get bored and do something else, or get shacked up with someone. I guess time will tell

PS – sorry if this is weird, rambly and navel gazing, I didn’t get much sleep due to being woken up at 4 by this lovely windstorm. 50 knots, woooooooo






  1. Oh man, I remember when you were scared to use the gas station to fill up your car. Look at you now!

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