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Wiring the ELCI

My new blue seas flashy panel came with a 30amp dual breaker, which is pretty standard. I decided I wanted to have more safety than that though, so bought an ELCI. This device is like a GFCI for your whole boat – as soon...

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Changing the AC Shore Power socket

One of the things that was suggested was to change out my AC 30amp shore power socket, which had a cover with a snapped hinge and was also lookin’ pretty grubby   The cable itself was also looking pretty beat up, so I...

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Upholstery and Wiring

I tried to get my covers off the cushions, and horribly failed. So I won’t be able to wash them really, so I am going to have them redone – and will get the V-Berth foam replaced. It’s probably going to cost a...

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So one of the decisions that I would have to make is what electronics to put on the boat – not gonna lie I’m kind of a huge nerd so was looking forward to researching it. I decided to aim for both a CHIRP transducer...

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