So one of the decisions that I would have to make is what electronics to put on the boat – not gonna lie I’m kind of a huge nerd so was looking forward to researching it. I decided to aim for both a CHIRP transducer and a sonar (needed for fish finder structure scan), as well as radar.

None of this was essential, and not needed for a few months so I wasn’t going to buy anything, until I saw a NSS8 in the boxing day sales for almost half off. So I bought that, and will stow it away until it is needed.

The current plan is to move the boat around the 3rd/4th across from Ladner, but it’s very weather dependant. In preparation for that, I bought a handheld VHF as a backup radio, and a backup handheld GPS. Next will be replacing all the safety equipment, such as the flares and fire extinguishers.

The big decision I have to make is whether to buy and mount the CHIRP and structure transducers for this haulout in a couple of weeks, or whether to wait for the next one. The boat has an existing transducer already installed (no idea of the make though), and if I can get that working I will just use that for a while.


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