Summer Plans

So I’ve managed to get a job (well actually, two jobs) in Victoria and am getting down to spending the next few months earning some money. One of the jobs can potentially be done remotely – meaning I can probably pick up a few hours here and there when I am on the boat, which is exciting.

In the meantime, here are the things I have to figure out boat-wise.

Buying Engine Parts

I’m pretty sure my engine mounts are complete toast and need to be replaced. The stringers they screw into are also slightly rotted out, so I need to pull the engine, fix the stringers and then may as well replace the mounts while I do this (this is not going to be a fun job. At all.) The damn mounts are 400 CAD EACH which is ridiculous for some metal and rubber, so I will probably try to find some non-yamaha ones which are significantly cheaper. On the plus side once everything is done it should cut down vibration significantly! Ad I won’t have to worry about the engine falling out the back. BONUS!

Get prop repitched

My last haulout I got a new Campbell Sailor propeller from West by North. It’s a fancy 3 blade prop that has a lot less drag than standard designs and made a big difference sailing in light winds. However, it was slightly underpitched, meaning I only hit 5 knots under cruise power instead of the 6.3kn I used to do. They are based out of Nanaimo (just an hour or two drive North of Victoria) so I carried the prop back with me and will take it to them to get adjusted.

Cockpit Comfort

I’ve mentioned before how awful my cockpit is comfort-wise. The initial plan was to build in some new seats at the back of the pushpit, but now I think I am just going to buy a sportaseat. While not cheap, everyone who has them (and not the cheaper west marine knockoffs) loves them and apparently, it makes the world of difference. I’ll order one here and then take it back with me in baggage when I fly back.

I’ll maybe look into getting new cockpit cushions as well although that may work out a bit too much money for me. We’ll have to see.

Other Miscellaneous bits and pieces

I also have a bunch of smaller stuff to get that is really hard (and expensive) to get in Mexico.

  • headstay furler feeder (lost overboard)
  • canoe straps (replace the metal strap on rear propane holder that rusted shut)
  • 360 light for dinghy (using headlamps blinds the other person in the dinghy)
  • new hatch cover for v berth hatch (the bloody hinge broke)
  • shroud piece (the one I replaced the bent one with is noticeably thinner than the old ones)
  • Fridge Cover (apparently helps cut down on power use – and every bit helps!)
  • misc engine parts

Dodger Plans

I also have to figure out how I want my dodger – I am having a hard top made while I am away and then the canvas will follow.

Here are some pictures from Victoria – I am in long races the next two weekends so I’ll try to get some photos from those!



  1. Good you will not have time to get bored. Lol. I am seriously missing the boat and stuff we can do with it. I hope we can connect this summer to discuss fall plans.

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