Back in Victoria

After arriving in Mazatlan, I had around five days to prepare the boat to be left for the summer. I spent the first two days productively lying around napping meaning I had three days to finish all I needed to do, in classic Matthew style.

Basically, I stripped all the canvas (i.e sails) off the boat, washed it, and then put it away inside once dry. I also removed the halyards and replaced them with messenger lines (they are expensive and I imagine 6 months in the sun wouldn’t be great for them), covered up a lot of the plastics (ie furler drum) with old tshirts, and then did the same with the rest of the lines. I also pulled off all the blocks and put them in the cabin (while doing this I noticed a bunch of them were fairly sticky – I need to flush them with fresh water when I get back).

The portabote also went inside the cabin, along with the emptied jerry cans. The outboard went into my dock box (which I am sharing with the local diver).

After that was all done, Gudge looked pretty naked.

Note the boat next of me decided to put up MORE canvas in order to shade the whole boat from the sun. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when a hurricane rolls through.

I arranged with a person to watch the boat and spoke to a mechanic to get my valves and injectors on my engine pulled and redone while I’m away. I also spoke to someone to get my long-awaited dodger built – I’ve decided on a hardtop but will have canvas sides and front that will detach in case I want to pretend I am a race boat at any point. I’m really excited about this!

The trip back wasn’t bad (though I forgot what a hassle flying through the US is) and I arrived back and am staying in a GORGEOUS flat that my old dock neighbours Tracy and John have very kindly let me use while they pick up their new boat.

It’s really nice and a huge change from living on a small boat so I’ve basically been lying on the comfy sofa and watching Netflix, two things I haven’t had for years.

I’ve been on a few hikes and been reminded how beautiful BC is

and even got out on the water on my friend Phil’s boat for opening day at the yacht club

Although having unlimited water, a huge kitchen, unlimited gas for baking and all kinds of other lovely items is great, I miss living on my boat quite a bit and it’s weird not to be able to make plans to pop out fishing (man I miss the taste of salmon).

I have a few big races coming up on Phil’s boat soon however so hopefully that will scratch the sailing itch!

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading on French Polynesia and am getting SUPER excited about visiting there next year! Although Brexit is STILL grinding on with no end in sight – hoping that gets sorted before I go back to the boat as it has rather a large impact on my plans, as mentioned before.



  1. Welcome back. Curious to hear how the dodger turns out! Fresh salmon…gonna have to wait a few months to catch them yourself (Jul 15 opening for chinook around here). Hopefully some pinks and hatchery coho before then. A sockeye opening would be miraculous. Halibut are around…

    • Thanks! Wow they really cut back on the springs openings hey, guess the stocks still aren’t doing well :(. I think there is the odd run of coho coming through in June sometimes from what I remember? And is it a pink running year? I lost track.

      • Correction; I think the chinook opening isn’t until August 1st, not July 15th, oh well. There is a pink run this year and they should be around in July. Coho are generally small in size and numbers until later in the summer. Albacore are usually tough to get to before August…so I guess it is focus on halibut for the next few months.

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