Keepin’ on

So on a cool note – I got the part in the movie I auditioned for! I think I was more shocked than pleased, since it was my first ever audition and I had no idea what I was doing AND I was a bit late because I got the address wrong and ended up trying to break into someones kitchen (in my defence it looked a lot like an executive suite). So that’s cool, my first speaking role! In a real movie!

Sadly, boat stuff today didn’t go so good. Tried to install the new LED bow nav lights and found the old light was attached to a stainless steel plate, and I HATE drilling through stainless. Eventually I managed to get the bolt holes in, but I still have to drill the big hole for the wire. I’ve given up until I get a 1/2″ cobalt tipped drill bit.




That’s the old bow light hanging there, I don’t want to remove the wire until I have the new one installed.

I also tried to tension my life lines so the top on is more taut, except the nut was jammed so I couldn’t move it. Squirted it with PB Blaster and left it to sit overnight, hopefully tomorrow it will be loose.

Finally, was due to go sailing today after work, but the winds had somehow got up to 20 knots steady, and gusting over that. And I didn’t fancy my chances as the people I was going to¬†take with me were not experienced, so I called it. Probably a good choice, but I was just itching to get out there again. Oh well, there will be other times ūüôā


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