Bow light install finished

I finally finished the bow light install.

A 1/2″ cobalt drill bit was really expensive and hard to find, so I took a gamble and went with a Black Oxide one. For the record, it worked perfectly and chewed a hole straight through the plate! I could then mount and wire up the bow nav light




It looks pretty sexy and modern, and will draw probably 1/5 of the amps of the old one, with  a 2NM radius! I didn’t bother wiring it up because it was getting dark and pretty cold AND drizzling so I retreated into my lair boat.

Also I need to get off my arse and clean/compound/polish/wax the topsides. Every time I take a photo now I cringe at the amount of visible algae. Still no idea how to clean the noskid. I may have to sand it off and reapply.

I also bought all my water filters since it’s time to change all of them. For all the 3 I needed it was almost $100. I’ll have to see if I can find a cheaper source, or if I can stretch out replacing them. I guess $10 a month isn’t bad though for ridiculously filtered water (the main tank goes through the 5 micron, the drinking water goes through that and then a 2 micron and then a 0.3 micron)

In other news I discovered that when I moved the website to the new domain I lost about half the pictures – but I didn’t notice for a while since WordPress was caching them. Whoops. And I deleted the old website yesterday. Double whoops.

Luckily I’d kept a backup, so was able to restore the image directory and manually copy the pictures across to the new website. Please let me know if you spot any broken links!



  1. Hey Matt,

    regarding the broken links – a couple of thumbnail images on the past blog pages are missing, and one or two of the big ones too. Doesn’t hurt the experience of your blog, though 😉

    Later, Ernest

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