Bachelor Moments

I had one of ‘those’ moments the other night. On attempting to scavenge something to eat and finding I hadn’t been shopping for a number of days, I decided on a cheese sandwich.
Except the bread was ‘kinda’ stale – no problem, I’ll just jam on a ton of butter, sorted. Except I was out of butter, so it was dry as all hell.

No worries. I’ll just put the ‘sandwich’ in the oven! Grilled cheese is a perfectly respectable meal for an adult right?!

It got halfway through toasting before I ran out of propane.

I was forced to eat my dry, slightly warm sandwich while sobbing bitter tears of regret.

On that note, I really have to improve on my cooking, else one day someone is going to notice I haven’t been around for a while and my otter-chewed carcass will be discovered still clutching a box of crackers that I’d been attempting to live on for the last three weeks.

It turns out the propane cylinder needed to be recertified as well, so it’s out of commission until I can get that done.

On a happier note, the original owner of the boat emailed me! And provided a lot of nice information about her early years, she sounds like she was well loved. Shame the spinnaker and the 170% genoa that apparently used to be with the boat vanished!



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