With 72 days till the last day of work, the swiftsure race and the start of my trip, here are the things I still need to do in preparation (making lists is a good way to feel like you are doing stuff without actually doing stuff, love ’em)

Boat Things I can do in the water

  • Build\get built a hard dodger
  • Buy and install more chain (probably 150 foot more for a total of 200 foot)
  • Finish/Buy Windvane (I am thinking about selling my mostly finished hebridean and getting one that doubles as an emergency rudder)
  • Switch the shower controls to non levers, so I stop accidentally spraying water everywhere
  • Buy Jordon Drouge, setup attachment points on boat
  • install the 12v socket and add a 12v lamp in V Berth to decrease camping feel
  • Put stainless steel handrails on boat
  • Put a plastic top on the battery bank to reduce chance of shorts
  • Get liferaft recertified
  • Assemble/Install the watermaker I bought
  • Install the new bow cleats
  • Reefing system upgrade (mostly done)
  • Buy/install inverter
  • Get anchor swivel and practice using my sea anchor ala the Pardeys’ method
  • Move the diesel heater lower in the cabin
  • get alternator regulator working
  • finish wiring up additional instruments
  • install additional solar

Boat Things I need to be hauled out for

  • Pull, check and clean thruhulls
  • Seal up one of the old head thruhulls
  • Replace motor mounts
  • Clean/paint bottom
  • Pull mast and check/replace tangs
  • Check/replace fore/rear chainplates
  • Replace rudder stuffing box

Non boat things I need to do

  • Work out where my darn mail is going to go
  • Get any shots I need
  • Put together first aid kit
  • Buy wetsuit and maybe a spear gun
  • Sort out insurance


WHEW. Quite the list. This obviously all vary in difficulty, from the couple of hour job to install the lamp to the multi-week project of building a hard dodger.

Over the last few days I’ve been banging away at a few bits and pieces which I’ll make a post on, in the meantime what’s worth than breaking off a tap?

Breaking off two taps. Arrrgghhhhh.


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