I handed in my notice at work!

So another stepping stone crossed off. I handed in my notice at work this week, meaning that I have just 3 months left (does ALL the air guitar)

I was originally going to do it at the end of the week as I was planning to leave on the 31st May, however I realised that Swiftsure is on the 25th-27th and I wasn’t going to want to go back to work for a week after that. So last day is the 25th! Eek!

I’d have worked at this place for over 7 years so it’s all feeling a bit surreal – definitely the right decision though. The countdown continues!

As a side note, it’s the first day for months were it’s nice enough to be outside willingly – great sailing weather but I was doing boat stufffff

Here is a picture from a week ago so that it appears on the front page (need a picture else the theme breaks??) It’s from a week ago of a floating log covered in snow. as I trudged past it on the way to my morning commute. You’re all welcome.





  1. Nice log!

    Exciting! And maybe a little scary… Any plans yet for June? We will be heading N to the Broughtons for the month. We will have to see if we can make our paths cross.


    • Yeah I’ll be somewhere around there! Be really fun to meet up! I’m not sure yet exactly where I’ll be but let’s keep in touch and figure it out.

      Also the Broughtons are wonderful, you’ll love it there

  2. This is so cool! My husband just did the same (I dont have to as I’m on a temporary contract). Scary and awesome at the same time. Gave us the feeling of taking control of our lives in a very good way. Good luck with getting ready 😉 My timer says 116 until we leave.

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