So another stepping stone crossed off. I handed in my notice at work this week, meaning that I have just 3 months left (does ALL the air guitar)

I was originally going to do it at the end of the week as I was planning to leave on the 31st May, however I realised that Swiftsure is on the 25th-27th and I wasn’t going to want to go back to work for a week after that. So last day is the 25th! Eek!

I’d have worked at this place for over 7 years so it’s all feeling a bit surreal – definitely the right decision though. The countdown continues!

As a side note, it’s the first day for months were it’s nice enough to be outside willingly – great sailing weather but I was doing boat stufffff

Here is a picture from a week ago so that it appears on the front page (need a picture else the theme breaks??) It’s from a week ago of a floating log covered in snow. as I trudged past it on the way to my morning commute. You’re all welcome.



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