Wiring up Sooners DC: Part 2 – The New Schematic

So I actually got off my arse and made a (very) high level schematic which should save me at least 3 hours of typing.

Here is Sooners new DC system! (this is definitely gonna break this post for everyone trying to look at it on the toilet on their phone but thems the breaks)




I’m going to go into the various parts in more detail but here is the summary.

  • BestGo 400 AH battery pack (which I ripped out the BMS of and replaced with a REC Active BMS)
  • AGM Starter Battery
  • Multiplus 2000VA inverter/charger which hooks into the AC system so energises the existing AC sockets when not on shore power
  • Separated load/charge bus, like I did on my previous pack on Gudgeon
  • Load bus is protected by a Tyco EV200 contactor, the charge by a Victron Smart BatteryProtect
  • Alt reg is a WS500 Wakespeed (which is the commercialised and WAY MORE EXPENSIVE version of the old alt reg I had on gudge)
  • Everything is controlled via CANBUS by the BMS itself – it sends out charging info to the Cerbo, which then talks to the charger, the solar controllers and the alt reg and automatically controls the current going into the battery! This is HUGE as it means everything works off cell level values direct from the BMS itself.
  • The cerbo also monitors and centrally displays stuff on a touch screen!


I can also monitor the battery bank and adjust stuff remotely – here is a visitors link (which has a lot of stuff removed including the ability to change stuff) https://vrm.victronenergy.com/installation/190496/dashboard

The whole thing offers a lot more control than the setup Gudge had, as well as being a bit neater wiring wise and using less power (due to 2 less contactors).

I’ll go into more depth on various stuff in the next post.



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