Waiting at Neah Bay

I’m currently in Neah Bay, right at the top corner of the USA waiting for the weather.

After leaving the yard and hanging around Victoria in various places for a few more days, I headed off to Neah Bay via Port Angeles. All very routine, mostly motoring, although I was blessed with a really nice sunrise in Port Angeles.

The trip from PA to Neah Bay was 50nm and only took 7 hours, mostly due to me hitting a very strong ebb.

The whole way it was pouring basically

with the odd break

Once there I anchored out in the rain and then the wind picked up to 20+, meaning I wasn’t keen on dingying in, so I sat there for a day or so

Then the people I meet at the boatyard, Mike and Heather turned up! They found an old abanded fuel dock so we both tied up to it.

Now just been waiting for a few days for the unseasonable southerlies to stop – they are not going to, but they lighten up tomorrow so we are going to go for it then!

It’s going to be into the wind almost all the time, but I’ve had that basically all summer so why stop now?

To be honest I could have stuck around in Victoria instead for a week or so more and waited for better conditions, but to be honest I was starting to lose my nerve so figured I had to leave before I lost it completely.

I also managed to somehow lose the heavy canvas hatch cover above the V Berth somewhere in the Saanich Inlet (which is annoying because that hatch is suppppper leaky) and also found that the new chain I bought isn’t G4, it’s G30 (which is annoying because I was sure I specified G4 to go with the older chain) which means it doesn’t really fit in the windless. They don’t make a G30 chain gypsy either, only a G4 or BBB so really the only fix is getting all new chain…. ugh. On the plus side it does work, it just jams. A lot. Still way better than pulling it in by hand though!



  1. And you’re off! I will follow along jealously on the Garmin 🙂 Have you decided to do it in one big jump? No harbour hopping?

    Anyway, good luck and here’s hoping for some great sailing!

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