So the boat is back in Victoria, the mast is back on the boat, and the forestay/furler is back on the mast. I have the following things I want to do in the next two weeks

  • Put in engine hatch screwdown and waterproofing
  • Rebed chainplates
  • Finish running mast wire into cabin and hook up all my new shit
  • Sort out anchoring situation
  • fix water ingress underway (I THINK its just the rudder stuffing box needs to be tightened)

and then after that, I am done major projects for the summer I think (aside from cleaning/compounding and polishing, ugh). I’ve pretty much used up my years budget on the standing rigging and the new prop shaft, so now it’s time to just chill out and enjoy the summer and get more sailing experience!

I also need to tidy up my cabin now all the sails are finally out of it, it looks like a construction site right now – I was going to do it this weekend but it’s supposed to be 20c! Sooo….. I’ll probably be outside

Being in Sooke allowed me to catch up on my reading and I finally finished The Hydrogen Sonata which was the last culture novel by Iain Banks. Sad after finishing it, partly because it’s the last one before he died of cancer and I had thoroughly enjoyed reading the series, and partly because my ex got me into them, and by finishing the series it’s just another reminder of things lost and closed off. Or something. Great series though, and I’d’ recommend anyone to read it. I’m also trying to read David Foster Wallace right now and he’s pretty verbose, to say the least. Not totally convinced so far.

This entry is pretty waffly I realise reading back over it (it’s probably the epoxy fumes talking – I decided three beers in was an ideal time to finish drilling a 1 1/2″ hole through the deck and seal with epoxy) but I’m gonna post it anyway, BOOM


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