San Juan Del Cabo, MX to La Paz, MX

The marina at San Juan Del Cabo was really expensive, so we hustled all day to get all our shopping/chores done so we could get away with spending one night there (unfortunately this left no time for washing the boat).

We were a bit iffy about filling the tanks with their water as apparently, it’s not potable but we did anyway, adding some bleach (update from two weeks later – seems to have been fine!). That night we hung out with the crew of Boomerang and swapped fish tales and then the next morning it was more boat chores and I went to help out Boomerang with an electrical problem.

This meant we got away latish (around 2pm) and so the wind was already up…. and we were going upwind – after 2000 miles of mostly downwind sailing this was a nasty shock, and to make things worse, the seas were stacking up into vicious short chop that would have made the Juan de Fuca strait back home blush.

Of course I hadn’t secured anything below either, so lots of crashing and smashing sounds emanated from the cabin.

We finally got to Los Frailes, a national park, after dark.

Prettty nice sunset as well

The next day we had a rest from all the bashing and went snorkelling – so cool! Saw many many reef fish, all swimming around small bits of coral. Unforutently I forgot my camera so you will have to take my word for it, it was pretty rad! The rest of the time was spent clearing up all the mess inside the boat.

The next day was another bash to Ensenada de Muertos which was a very nice spot, not as ominous as it sounds. We got in before dark and I caught a few porcupine fish, which are hilarious

All safely put back.

The last day was actually a nice days sailing – the wind had changed direction just enough that we could hold a close reach/haul and we made amazing time hauling arse up the channel under sail.

Right before La Paz we also managed to score this amazing 10lb Mahi Mahi – so pretty! Thanks ocean!

Later on we saw a Mahi Mahi attacking a school of small fish – they were all jumping out the water followed by the mahi mahi throwing itself after them – gleaming bright blue with it’s feeding colours flashing and the frigate birds swooping down. So cool!

Once in La Paz, we anchored, got our breath back, and Liz began packing to head home.

I made it to the Sea of Cortez! Woohoo!!

Oh and I found a logger on my chartplotter that had been running since I got it.

Total Sea Miles since I got Gudge – 7500nm. That’s way more than I would have thought!

Trip from Victoria BC to Klemtu and back this summer – 1281nm

2nd leg Trip from Victoria BC to here – 2362nm.

Total since May – just over 3600nm. Woa.



  1. Still jealous.

    Nice find on the logger. I recently added up all my mileage and came up with 5797 nm. Surprised the hell out of me. I also found an old tradition that you were “entitled” to a swallow tattoo for every 5000 nm so that got me thinking…

    I finally posted some videos from last spring. Check out the third one for a special appearance of you hauling your anchor up by hand…bet you don’t miss that :-).

    • That’s a lot of miles! I was surprised by my total too – I guess all those runs to Orcas added up…

      I like your videos a lot – what did you use to make them (editor and camera)? It’s the kind of thing I’d like to do but I’m too lazy…

      And yes, I really REALLY don’t miss handbombing the anchor. Ugh.

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