I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in the La Paz area, just hanging out and resting, with the odd (as little as possible) boat stuff.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Liz hung around for a couple of days after we arrived before she had to head back. We tried to do snorkelling with whale sharks but there was no room on the tour. Bah!
  • Spanish is really easy (compared to French anyway) and fun to learn and speak. I’m super into it.
  • Everyone in Mexico seems very nice and chill
  • My mum came to visit for a week and we tried to go snorkelling with the whale sharks – but it was too windy both days so it was cancelled. Bah! Instead we went around a number of local bays, which was very nice. On the way back to La Paz we managed to catch 2 largish black skipjack tunas (10 and 7lbs respectively) as well as two Bonito, so I am good for fish for the next week or so! I really need a fish cleaning table though – my side deck is becoming really stained and grotty.
  • In the bays we caught a bunch of interesting fish, including a triggerfish big enough to eat and a Pacific Sierra (another member of the mackerel family). Still hoping for that big Wahoo!
  • I bought a new 65watt solar panel and replaced the 50 that was in the center of the arch with it, and moved the 50 to the side rail, so I have a 50 on each side. I also replaced the 100watt flexible panel that was at the front (and had been broken for a while) with a new one – after first filling the junction box with epoxy. That should help with longevity.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks.

Next up, I have another friend Emilie coming to stay for a couple of weeks and we are going to head up North to the islands for that time. I’m excited to explore around there, as apparently the sceanry and the snorkelling is fantastic!

Also WordPress has changed EVERYTHING and it’s really terrible, so apologies if this post is formatted weirdly, or doesn’t display correctly. I haven’t figured out how to change back to the old editor yet.

edit: just figured it out. Woohoo!

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