Redoing the steering/engine cables: Part 3

Last bit of this project – replacing the throttle and shifter cables. Much like almost all trilogies, this post will be the worst one in the series. I am very tired.

My new cables were picked up – here are the new ones compared to the old ones.


I managed to get everything off, except the ball-joint at the end of the shifter cable, which I had to buy a new one. Some required heat/PB Blaster to let go though.

Everything went back in ok, though it took me a while because I didn’t take good enough pictures when I was disassembling and it took me a little bit of thinking to figure everything out!



wp-1456699684389.jpg wp-1456699692046.jpg

Once that was all done, it was time to go for a test run. Emma came along, and asked what could potentially go wrong, and didn’t look super stoked when I said that either the steering could stop working, or the throttle could stop working, or the shifter. That’s a lot of rather important things!

Mental note – maybe only overhaul one important system at a time! In the end though, we went out fishing for a couple hours, caught nothing but nothing broke!

I’m glad that’s all out the way!



    • Haha well spotted… my neighbour has a huge LP collection and I said I’d try to sell a few for him online.

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