Redoing the steering/engine cables: Part 2

So having pulled everything out, the trick was now to put everything back. Originally I was worried that all the parts were going to be hard to find, but they were all in the local marine store. Who also lent me their Nicopress tool (Big Arse Crimper basically).

First, I removed the old wires off the chain


The end link of the chain had a thing on it (I don’t know the proper name) that you pry off and then the side bit comes off (this is why I don’t write technical manuals)


Then, I nicopressed the SHIT out of one end of both cables. Basically you have a little sleeve that fits over the cable, and then you put a Big Ass Crimper on it and crimp it three times

Like so


I did two per connection.

Then I attached it to the chain using the aforementioned magic link thing


Then looped the whole shebang over the wheel spokes


and ran it to the quadrant that rotates, after making sure the rudder was centered. I then cut the cables to the right lengths and crimped on the screweye that connects the cables to the quadrant. There is a diagram here


At this point I realised I had screwed up measuring and cut the cables too long, UGHHHHHHHHHH

Lots of swearing and wailing followed, but I couldn’t do anything about it until a couple of days later when I could get more supplies and reborrow the tool from Trotac Marine (great store, terrible website).

Anyway, I tried it again today and managed to get it right, and tensioned the cables nice and snug.


I took a picture of the assembled thing but it’s horrible and doesn’t show anything, but Imma post it anyway


I covered the whole thing in dry graphite lube and now I have steering again! Just no engine! Hopefully I’ll sort that tomorrow morning, as it’s supposed to be nice and I haven’t been out for a few weeks!



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