Rebedding chainplates

Super boring update today I think, unless you are into sailboat stuff

This is a chainplate



Its attached to a big strip of metal that is bolted to a huge whack of structural fiberglass deep in the hull, while the top end (part you see here) pokes through the deck and connects to the standing rigging (wire that holds the mast up)


Mine also leak like a sieve, and probably are where most of the water comes from in the bilge when it rains.

Taking off the top cover showed this



Look at all that lovely water ingress šŸ™

I pulled the chainplate out completely, checked it,



and then sealed the entire inside edge of the slot with thickened epoxy, and also the screw holes



Once that had cured, I countersank the holes, used butyl tape and instructions from a guy called Maine Sail at his websiteĀ

I have zero pictures of this part, because I forgot, sorry




The finished article. Lets see how it will hold up.

I have 6 chainplates, 3 on each side (not counting fore/backstay) and I was able to do two, before the forecast changed to showers again. Looking forward to see if my rebidding holds up, though any water getting in that way now shouldn’t get into the core, and should instead just run straight down the chainplate.


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