Progress (kind of)

I think I used this title before maybe? I’m not sure. It’s been over 230 blog posts(!) so it’s kind of hard to keep track.

Anyway, I’ve now done SEVEN out of ten portholes. Hooray. Unfortuntly I don’t think I have enough butyl tape to do another one so the continued nice weather will have to go to waste.

On the windvane front, I’ve not started yet as I’ve decided that I probably need a drill press as

– there are a lot of stainless steel pieces to drill/shape very precisely
– I suck at drilling/shaping stainless steel


– I need all the advantages I can get.

I’m looking at little 8/10 inch models which will easily mount on my nav table or something. I think at this point my tool collection is larger than anything else on the boat. I’m going to have to start storing them in the V Berth and sleeping in a cupboard!

List of things to finish before end of year

– Finish portholes (blughguhgtruhuf)
– Build Windvane
– Get another reef point put in my shitty mainsail
– topping lift for spinnaker pole

Excitingly, after that’s done the only other major additions I need to make are a solar system, new lithium battery system and an autopilot! Woop. Also probably change my propane system to a 20lb one. And redo the soft deck area. And redo the nonskid. Also new sails. And add more chain… etc etc


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