Resupply Run

First of all – still no pictures. My phone, after lasting two weeks with no back or power button (leading to me having to jam a fork in the side every time I wanted to turn it on) has finally died. Well, sort of. It’s not completely dead, just the screen won’t turn on and it keeps chiming randomly and pathetically in an obvious cry for help. I can’t do anything except wait for the battery to run down. RIP. Anyway, I’m using my 10 year old flip phone with no camera.

This weekend I went to Port Angeles to pick up a bunch of stuff my friend Crystal was kindly holding for me, along with Emma, Josh and Alicia. Trip went pretty standard, though not much wind so we motor sailed 3/4 of the way.

My swag includes

– More Butyl tape so I can finish the portholes
This dehumidifier (first impressions are that it ruuuuuuules)
– A small drill press
– Bunch of other metalwork stuff like metal ruler, cutting fluid etc
– The rest of the sailrite stuff needed to make my curtains

This means I really have no excuse to put off starting my winter projects, these being:

– Remaining three portholes
– Curtains
– Windvane
– Redo Scuppers
– Feed Halyard internally and install pole topping lift

I am fully aware this is like the third boring update in a row where I am all ‘THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO SOON I PROMISE’ but this time it’s different!!!!!!!


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