I ordered a bunch of shit off of www.sailrite.com in order to make some new curtains – my V Berth and head don’t have any. This wasn’t a problem before, as the portholes were covered in enough scratches, UV damage and filth to make them completely opaque, but now I’ve replace them with Actual See-Through ones it’s a pretty urgent matter. Ain’t NOTHING going on in the head or v-berth that I want other people to see.

Anyway, the first thing I did was watch one of the (frankly excellent) tutorial videos on the site, where I found I was missing the mounting clips for the rail. Maybe I should have watched this before I ordered a bunch of crap?! Whatever. I decided to attempt to sew the ‘tape’ that has the snaps onto the fabric, at least I’d get that part finished.

The tutorial uses a sewing machine, but who needs that shit hey? People were hand sewing for thousands of years (probably) and it can’t be that hard!!

Well, it lasted 10 minutes before I gave up in disgust and pain. No pictures because I manage to impale my finger pretty good, which then bled profusely into my phone, which has the back off and the circuits exposed since it won’t work for some reason with it on since last week, so it kinda short-circuit my phone and apparently the camera on it now doesn’t work. I’M DOING FINE MUM, HONESTLY

As a stand in measure I’ve duct-taped fabric over the portholes, like someone who is definitely got their life together in their 30s. *cough*

In other news I did some more film work as a wardrobe assistant for a country and western singing dog (!). Unfortunately the stuff they put me in made me look like Woody from Toy Story, however I (somehow) managed to get a date for this week with Megababe during the shoot. So uh, I guess a red cowboy hat is really the key?

If anyone knows how to get blood out of a circuit board, wood and fabric please holla at me. Thanks!

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