Or maybe not.

After arriving at the boat today, I started marking off the waterline with green painters tape, and then abruptly decided to get someone else to do it. This was for 2 main reasons:

– Firstly, for maximum effect, I’d need to wet sand the bottom, to give a better surface for the paint to adhere to. There are a lot of rules about only using a dustless wet sander, and I don’t have one, or any idea how to get one

– I want to make sure it’s done correctly for the first time. Also, I am going away for a week for work next week, and would like it done before then.

With that out the way, I took a look at the freshwater plumbing.

First thing was to remove the hoses – I decided to start with the two cross feed tubes (I had disconnected these earlier to drain the tanks. You can see them below. One of them was jammed in, as you can see, but I got it free eventually with a bunch of wiggling.

crossfeed crossfeed2

Next I decided to remove the filter and the accumulator tank. The filter I 100% was going to ditch and replace with something else, and the accumulator tank I was going to soak in bleach for a bit.



Here is the compartment with those items removed


I intend to replace ALL the hosing – a giant pain in the arse, but this next screenshot shows why.



I removed the pump as well and ended up taking the pump, tank, and some fittings home to wash and rinse with bleach.

I decided to take the pump apart while it was at home and clean it. Although it came apart ok, part of it exploded, sending rubber bits and a spring all over the place. I put it back as best as I could, ending up with something that looked right, only to find a rough screw left over. Drat.

Eventually, everything ended up in the right place, but I won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

pump1 pump2 pump3


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