I got my PHRF rating!

The last pre-requisite I needed to enter races was a PHRF rating – kind of like a handicapping system for boats. In theory, it means that fast boats can race against slow boats in a kind of even playing field – and makes it a lot easier to put boats into divisions against similar competitors.

I got my certificate yesterday with a rating of 168 meaning I’ll definitely be one of the slower boats on the course. On paper anyway. I think in heavy winds I’ll do better than my rating as I had points added on for the small headsail and spinnaker size.



  1. All you need is to sail your race. Make your boat sail to its optimum. I sail on of the slowest boats in my fleet.We took home 1st for the year by out sailing our competition. Your team is the key. Just go out and have fun but take no prisoners. routing for you and Gudgeon. Let me know if I can help you out in any way

    • Thanks Doug, we are going to give it a go! There is a double-handed category we’ll get put into, so that should help.

    • I actually thought it’d be a bit lower (faster) – PHRF-NE (I think) has the base rating at something like 132. Not that I’m complaining.

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