Finishing up Autopilot install: Installing the AC12 and testing

Last thing to do was to wire up the brains of the system, the AC12.

First, I installed it on a bulkhead near the breaker panel, safe inside the (hopefully dry) cockpit.

Then, I hooked up the wires temporarily to the DD15 (before I installed it, yes I know this is in the wrong order, this should have been in the last update??)

It looks like a robot!

Then after installing the DD15, I ran the wires to the AC12


And it was setup! Last thing to do was test.

Well not the last thing. I had to do a bunch of calibration of both the electronic compass and the AP, involving some turns and such.

And it worked great! It can track to a waypoint, or hold course, or to a wind direction. No pics from on the water cos I was too busy hootin’ and hollarin’

Anyway. I now have an autopilot.

Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!

This will make single-handing so much easier and safer. No more locking the wheel in place and desperately dashing to the sail to hoist it before I swing round out of the wind!



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