Engine bits and bobs

Being a quiet Sunday, I decided to do some miscellaneous bits and pieces on the engine I’d been putting off.

First off was to rewire the alternator.

This is the original wiring



As you can see, the output from the alternator goes through the starter direct into the start battery – not what I wanted. I needed all charging sources to head direct into the house bank, since I had a charger that automatically charger the starter once the house bank was full.



You can see here I’ve attached the new white wire to the alternator – I ran this direct to the house bank. The spare wire between the starter and the alternator I left and just taped up.

Next, time to test the voltage on the house bank with the engine running!



Next up was to run the wire that connects the multimeter to battery bank 2 – allowing me to see the voltage of that battery, i.e – the starter.

This was easy enough to do, and took maybe 20 minutes. Lot of wires going into the battery compartment now though…

Next up was to troubleshoot the warning buzzer. It was getting pretty intermittent, only working sometimes. I tested the lights on the panel and they were fine, which left the buzzer itself. Apparently a new one is over 100 CAD! Yikes! I’m going to cut over the buzzer and replace some of the internals, but thats for another blog entry.

Finally, I decided to look at the switch on the engine control panel that didn’t seem to do anything.

Pulling out the panel I found why – it wasn’t hooked up to anything!wpid-img_20140906_165841.jpg



I removed the switch and started redoing the connections I *thought* were the correct ones



Finally, I was done! Turned the key, hit the switch annnnnnddd all the lights went off.

Turns out whatever I did was wrong and blew the fuse near the starter.



Back to the wiring diagrams…


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