Boat bites

One of the things that came as a surprise to me, moving onto a boat, was the amount of times I banged myself up. Apparently this is a Known Thing, and is (semi-)affectionately known as boat bites.

There was a period after I moved onto Wind Chime (apparently it’s two words) where I was covered in scrapes, bumps and bruises, from walking into things, or catching myself on a corner. I’m a bit better now, but still manage to injure myself.

Last week I turned round and walked straight into a fan, this combined with the boat tipping sent me flying, where I caught my elbow on the corner of a cupboard and landed on the corner of my drill carrying handle. I have a pretty great scab from that one.

Yesterday I dropped the central pole of the bimini on the side of my head and got a lump, which I exacerbated 2 hours later by falling into my closet door as I opened it. Ouch!

I try to think less of these things as me ‘being stupid as hell’ and more ‘learning curve.’ I guess we will see…


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