Back in BC

So this is probably the longest update gap since I started the blog – but there really hasn’t been much to report.

I moved back to BC due to my contract finishing in Ottawa, and have been there since. No luck finding a job yet (apparently everyone else is also job searching) but enjoying being back in Victoria.

In sailboat news, it looks like continuing on west next year is pretty much off the table – French Polynesia has a really high infection rate and it’s probably just a matter of time before they join the other countries in lockdown. So I’ve either got to get the Gudgeon back to BC myself, or sell her down there.

It looks like I’m heading back for a short time in January, to put Gudge back in the water and get her in a state where she can be sold (if that happens)

Will update when that happens

In the meantime I’ve got into fly fishing! It’s very idyllic.

I also got to go bike camping on one of the gulf islands

Definitely are a lot worse places where I could be unemployed!


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