Another update

So just another quick update – I haven’t died and things are still chugging along.

It’s looking more and more like I will end up heading back to Mexico next year, pick up the boat and sail her back to BC. Selling her in place seems like a hassle (and I am very lazy), shipping North would be 12,000 USD (which is a lot of money) so that leaves sailing her back myself. A number of my friends made the trip this year – either non-stop or via Hawaii, and I have to figure out what approach I will take.

In the meantime I have been picking up odd bits and bobs, like I got a new gooseneck for the boom (the old one was pretty worn). Although compared to last year I basically have nothing to buy, the boat is (was) in tip-top shape when I left, so as long as she survives the season out of the water we should be good to go.

The trip back up North is really only doable from June – August, you want to leave early enough to avoid the southern hemisphere hurricanes but late enough that the summer high in the pacific has settled, as it keeps the nasty lows up in Alaska.

Quite a challenging trip!

And that’s about all I have for now – enjoy this photo of me with a tiny bass in FULL ontario mode, baseball cap and everything




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