Summer Update

Well, it’s been a while since I updated this, mainly because nothing has really changed. I’m still in Ottawa, covid is still rampaging around the place, the Pacific is still closed and Gudge is still in Mexico.

Ottawa is currently going through a record heatwave (aka the new normal) and I am cursing whoever thought it was a good idea to build a city in a swamp. Like, seriously. It’s super humid, been over 35c for 5 days straight and I have no AC in my apartment so I am spending most of my time sticky and miserable.

Gudge has been listed here

Although it’s really half-arsed – I haven’t bothered getting a broker or anything and am pretty much committed at this point to either sailing back to Victoria next year or carrying on (aka option 1 or 2 from the three options), at this point I guess it depends what happens with my work contract and covid. Hopefully, I’ll find out more about the former in a few weeks and as for covid, who knows?

Out of the young group of sailors I met who were crossing as well, only one made it to French Polynesia. The rest either didn’t leave and are staying in Mexico another year/flew home or went to Hawaii instead, with the aim to swing back around North back to BC/Alaska. A sad end to everyone’s big planned adventures!

Still, things could be worse – I’m earning money and Ottawa is quite pretty when it’s not being exhausting.

Also I’d totally forgotten but Ontario has GROUNDHOGS – basically fat giant land squirrels, they are very cute

Look at his little face




  1. I’ve binged your blog over several days whilst…working? Or that’s what I should have been doing. Man you’ve come a long ways. I hope to see more updates soon and see you on your path to the South Pacific. Fair Winds!

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