Selling the boat

So, since my last post I made a firm decision – I was going to sell Gudge, get my stuff shipped back to Canada, and then buy another boat back in BC at some point after the market has cooled off a bit. Oh, and make enough money in 2 years to retire permanently from both working and the stock market (we’ll see how that goes).

I really REALLY did not want to go back to Mexico in the middle of the pandemic, but by mid December I was starting to get job interviews and if I didn’t get the boat sorted I’d have to leave it for another year, which wasn’t a good option for either my wallet or the condition of the boat.

So mid December, I left my apartment and headed back to Mexico. Things got off to a wonderful start when I missed my flight due to my idiocy and inability to read so instead of an 8 hour trip I had a 30 one leaving from Vancouver, meaning I had to take a taxi from Victoria airport, to the ferry, and then a bus from the ferry to the airport and then have 2 connections of 10 hours… lovely.

When I finally arrived, I started cleaning up and sorting my stuff. I ended up shipping back a lot of my fishing stuff, the tow generator, the series drogue, some books and various bits and pieces. I bundled up the spearguns and rods and took them as well as the rolled-up SUP as carryon luggage on the plane.

Getting the boat back in the water, cleaned up and ready for sale as well as figuring out how to get my stuff back to Canada was extremely stressful, as well dodging hordes of maskless tourists going on dive tours etc on the marina while spending almost all the time isolated by myself so I was really glad to finish everything and hop back on the plane to Canada, just in time as the federal government started implementing more and more restrictions on travel.

Gudge is now properly up for sale and a link can be found here:

So what’s next?

For the next while I will be working and saving, and looking for another boat that I can move onto, which I expect to take a while as the boat market is crazy right now. I may pick up a small daysailor for weekend trips if one comes up!

I’ll probably keep the blog going, although until I get a new boat it’ll just be occasional fishing trip reports I expect, and the name probably needs to be changed (any ideas?)

To finish, here is a picture of a lizard




  1. It’s been a hell of a couple of years. Love to hear what you are looking for in a new boat. If we make it down to Victoria you can take us out fishing and show us the ropes.

    • Yeah it really has! A short break is needed I think, haha.
      I will do a writeup of what I am looking for in a bit, probably once Gudge has sold as not to jinx it!

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