Vancouver Trip

So, tomorrow I leave to sail to Vancouver

This is the basic route

van trip


It may be possible to do in one day but as this is the first time I’ve done this route (well, without a licensed captain on board – the boat was brought across originally from ladner as detailed here) I wanted to give myself a bit of extra room, so we will be overnighting near Active Pass (probably Montague Harbour), before finishing off on Friday.

A couple of notes about the trip

– Active Pass is a narrow pass between two islands – currents here can get up to 5 knots, so I really want to hit it at slack tide. It’s made more ‘fun’ by the fact that the Vancouver/Victoria ferry route runs through here, which means that the BIG ferries roar past each other in this pass. Knarly stuff.

– The Georgia Strait is a pretty large expanse of water, and the furthest I’d have been away from land ever. Winds look very manageable though!

Another reason for leaving an extra day is that I have a wedding in Vancouver on Saturday – one of my ex-housemates is getting hitched so I am leaving myself LOTS of time to make sure I get there! I am tying up in coal harbour marina both Friday and Saturday nights – I guess I could have anchored out Friday, but I want to make sure after a long trip everything is as easy as possible.

Planning to come back Sunday solo – the longest trip I’d have done by myself. Remains to be seen if I can make it the whole way in one day or will have to split it up into parts. Going to be a fun adventure though either way!


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