So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written anything, and the main reason for that is that I

  • decided to try to sail across the Pacific again
  • because of the previous point, I had to do the stuff I did with Gudge over 4 years in a few months
  • so basically, it’s been none stop boat work.

The list included

  • redoing the entire standing rigging
  • replacing all the chainplates
  • new sails
  • electric windless
  • new ST winches
  • adding a lot of solar
  • getting an autopilot
  • changing the running rigging around
  • changing every single light on the mast
  • adding a wind instrument
  • replace engine mounts
  • replace drive plate
  • etc etc etc

Anyway, I’ve been incredibly busy for the last few months, and then I actually left Canada on the 30th August, came back due to the raw water pump spraying water everywhere, and then left again on 1st September. Currently in Eureka, CA.

I will write about the trip and maybe some of the maintenance I did in more detail, but most of the day to day stuff I am posting on my Instagram at

My tracker is up and working again and can be accessed through the link called ‘Find Sooner‘ on the main page or going here

More to come

Have a pic from Eureka

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