I haven’t updated for a couple of weeks, mainly because

  • Nothing super interesting has happened
  • I’ve been really lazy and haven’t done much
  • Due to a combo of work and other factors, I’ve just been exhausted and unmotivated

In fact, the most interesting thing that’s happened the last couple of weeks was that a dog ran over and bit me on the dock. It spied me and ran all the way over and just latched onto my leg. I was carrying an armload of shopping so I couldn’t even flip the dog the bird, and it was a tiny little thing so it was lucky I was wearing shorts, or it wouldn’t have got through my jeans. Apparently, it was a rescue dog (of course, being Victoria) and they’d only had it a week, but still. First time being bitten by any kind of pet so that’s a first I guess!? At least it made me get a tetanus shot.

I got my solar panels as well, but haven’t started on the install, being a bit nervous about my chosen location having heard reports of overheating etc. I’m also waiting on cable glands so I can run the cables leak free through the deck.

I gotta pull my chainplates to replace them and recore some of the deck, though that will take me out of commission for a month and it’s so hard to do when the sun is shining! I want to wait until after the may long weekend, as I am going to have a 5 day weekend then and spend it sailing…somewhere.

Killed the first mosquito of the year. I hate those things.

Redid the bedding on two of my portholes, 8 left to go. I missed out a step when I did them all the first time around, leading to minor leaks. Not a huge deal but may as well do it correctly! I don’t have to retemplate anything so it’s going quite quickly. Just I HATE redoing things I’ve already done (poorly) the first time. I also need to redo the rudder stuffing box for the 1000000x time, as it’s still leaking underway. Tons less, but I want a completely dry bilge. I got some goretex packing stuff so will give that a go. On the plus side I’m real good at dismantling the steering system now.

Uhhh, that’s it I think. See ya!





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