Painting update

Nice short one here but basically I’ve put two coats on everything except the non-skid (which I am doing with Kiwi-Grip) and one lazarette lid (which has one coat on it).

I’m getting there! And Gudge looks pretty spick and span. I couldn’t have got this far without some amazing friends pitching in, so thanks to Emile for helping with the initial clean, Phil for free-diving(!) and retrieving my anchor, Jenn for helping me take stuff off the deck and tape (and oh my god taping takes forever) and Emma who gave up an ENTIRE WEEKEND to help me paint.

For the main paint job we used the roll and tip method, and it’s really a lot easier than I thought and gives great results.

Here is a little teaser (in this one I hadn’t done the lazarette lids yet)

This one shows the little patch of non-skid I did as a test

Hoping to finish off everything by the end of next week!




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