I’m in the middle of installing my spinnaker track, but took a break to do a couple of small tasks that have been bugging me for a while

First of all, I needed to declutter the decks – currently there is a ton of oars and poles lying there.

I looked at the prices for stanchion mounts (yikes) and decided to make my own using some scrap wood, a cheap U bolt and a plastic clip





I then did the same for one of the dock poles on the other side. It remains to be seen if I’ve installed them in a position where they won’t get snagged and ripped off by a jib sheet.


For my landing net, and the other two poles I got some 3″ plastic conduit, sliced some slits in it using my dremel and used a hose clamp to attach them to the pulpit.



Next I decided to sort out my lines, which usually just lie in a pile on top of the companionway. I got some metal hangers from the dollar store, and attached them using more hose clamps




Lastly, I installed a small cleat for my furling line, as I’ve just been leaving it lying around while sailing – normally it takes around 5 minutes before it gets caught on something and tangled. This looks a lot neater.



Lots of small steps, but further progression to getting a easily handled setup.

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