New(ish) Winches

So after managing to destroy both my cabintop winches  I needed new ones. Fast. So I got the same type (I thought) off ebay. Why would I do this when I’ve complained about them incessantly?

Because it was only 100 CAD for both (inc shipping), they would mount right over the old ones so saving time and effort installing and I could keep an eye out for anything better.

Well, I got ’em and the GREAT news is that they weren’t Barient 10P but Barient 10s. Which meant that instead of being made of plastic/aluminium they were chrome/bronze so way WAY more study. AND they had roller bearings inside, instead of just the supremely shit plastic bearing thing of the 10Ps! Fantastic!

However, they were exceptionally filthy (like the underside of my feet after a 2 week cruise filthy) so needed a good clean.


Once that was done, they fit exactly onto the old mounting holes meaning I didn’t even need to drill anything!

I can really crank on these bad boys and they are waaaay better than the old 10Ps – so I’m not even sure I need new ones.



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