New Sails!

So I got new sails from Precision Sails! Woooo!

I ordered them last September and they arrived in March. I found I had measured the forestay incorrectly (long story, mainly due to me being an idiot) and so the 115% Genoa was a couple of feet too short! Nooo!

Much to my surprise, Precision made me a new one FOR FREE. And we picked it up yesterday. Which is really above and beyond, so yeah. These guys are really great. Look into them for new sails, for sure – they have a big sale around September time each year.

Here is a shot of Gudgeon with the new sails in swiftsure (this is the pre-replaced old-new sail – note the gap at the top)

Anyway the new main has THREE REEF POINTS as opposed to one and exciting features like a cunningham cringle! And they are way less baggy than the bedsheets I had before, so I am really looking forward to doing some great sailing!


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