So today I went to check on the gelcoat, and sanded it down.

To be honest it looks pretty bad, like someone splattered paint all over the side but I don’t care since it was mainly for protection anyway. Next, it was waxing. I had this 100 dollar polishing thing but it turned out to be crap because it was

– super heavy

-super loud

– didn’t really work

so I ended up doing the whole thing by hand IT TOOK SO LONG AND I AM SO LAZY UGGGGH.

Eventually it was finished – on my rest I saw this monster being pulled out – sometimes I think my boat is huge and then I see something like this



After the waxing I chatted to my yard neighbour a bit and helped him with his new dripless stuffing box, then I filled in a hole that was in my prop with marinetex.

I’m all ready to move it back to Victoria!



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