Muddling along

Not a super amount to say over the last little bit

I now have three of the new portholes in



I also removed a 4th one, ready to finish tomorrow I hope


I installed an extra charger/holder for the wireless H35 handset onto the steering column (I sent my handset away for repair and they just sent me a new one so I got an extra charger!)


And I installed a wooden board onto the stanchions to fix the oars onto. A lot more study than the old arrangement.


At the weekend I popped over to Orcas island to pick up some stuff I shipped to Elysee to save on shipping. It was a pretty nice trip


Saw some Orcas. On the way back Eslyee decided to come back with me. The wind died so we had to motor for three hours – so I kind of daydreamed through a lot of it


And that’s about it. Nothing too exciting :-/


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