Mast Climbin’

I needed to go up the mast to

a) rerun the spreader halyard for my courtesy/quarantine flag that I stupidly had let come off

b) rerun the halyard for the spinnaker (and more importantly, the hammock) which I had stupidly let the messenger line fall off.

This was terrifying. I used my rock climbing harness attached to two halyards and had the Nancy Blackett crew winch me up, one on each winch.

I wasn’t able to run the halyard internally sadly, but got it hooked up externally, so I can now use my hammock! And fly the spinnaker I guess. Once I install the track for it (which involves drilling/tapping 36 holes UGHHHHH)

It may look like I’m clinging to the mast in abject terror but I am actually bravely scaling it like a true sailor *coughs*


me at the top


View of the Nancy Blackett


Running the new halyard


Top view of Gudgeon


Top view of the rest of the dock



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