Installing the downrigger: Mounting

So I snagged a Scotty electric 1106 downrigger during a recent sale because I’m GOING TO CATCH A SALMON ONE DAY DAMMIT and today I had a bit of downtime and decided to mount it.

First I used the plastic template to drill the holes


Then I cut and drilled holes in a bit of wood to be the backing plate


Then it was a matter of through-bolting the backing plate to the plastic plate, and attaching the downrigger


And here it is in the upright position




  1. I got the same downrigger a few days ago at the boat show. Now trying to figure where to mount. Have you had any issues with prop entanglement?

    • I was SUPER worried about that, but it hasn’t happened yet. I am just very careful when turning around at the end of a troll – looking at the layout of my bottom however, I think the prop is protected by the rudder pretty well as the downrigger lines extend out past it. My recommendation would be to get the riggers as far back as you can

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